Opera House Bayreuth

This way, the Baroque splendour is retained: Uniform temperature control through the heating and refrigerating lines in the Margravial Opera House Bayreuth, Germany, is guaranteed by Viega’s press connection system Profipress. (Image: Bavarian Palaces Department)

Perfect climate in Baroque Opera House

The more than 250 year old Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth, Germany, is on the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Preserved in its sumptuous Baroque style, the building will once again be used in future as a ceremonial concert and theatre hall. With work expected to be completed in 2018 it is undergoing extensive redevelopment and being equipped with state-of-the-art electrical, mechanical and event facilities. These include the building's air-conditioning system. On the one hand, the uniform temperature control helps to preserve the luxurious construction fabric along with the artistic paintings. On the other hand, visitors along with actors and musicians will be able to enjoy a pleasant interior climate.

The water-carrying pipes for the air-conditioning system use the Profipress system from Viega. The constant temperature control is provided by three water chillers, each with a 150 kW rated output, connected to two circulation systems.

Fast and reliable connection of larger nominal widths too

"The network of heating and refrigerant pipes is spread throughout the entire building. Large pipe diameters of 88.9 and 108 mm were necessary. In a structure such as this, pipes don't always run straight ahead. Numerous connectors were therefore required and many of them had to be installed in areas where space was at an absolute premium. Viega’s press technology was a great advantage here", according to the HVAC specialists.

Inside the theatre, with its mainly timber interior furnishings and full of Baroque art treasures, the copper pipes naturally could not be welded or have grinders used on them. Pressgun 5 made it so much easier to perform reliable and speedy pressing of the large nominal widths in the narrow space available. With a 180° rotatable press head along with the use of press rings and hinged press jaws, smooth connection at even extremely narrow areas was made possible in every angle position.

Also the absolutely tight press connections made the choice for the Profipress system an easy one for those in charge. In the time-honoured opera house, any escaping water at a leaky connection with the given pipe content really would have had catastrophic consequences. 

Objekt Opera House Bayreuth
Ort Bayreuth, Tyskland
År 2012
Objekttyp Renovering
Användningsområde Offentliga byggnader
Installation Münzer Haustechnik, Schauenstein